Amazing Hot Docs


Time has really flown by very quickly since the North American Premiere of the film at Hot Docs in Toronto at the end of April. The amazing festival was an amazing experience. To be selected by one of the 2 largest documentary film festivals in the world was already incredible. But we couldn't imagine what would follow. Full screenings, enthusiastic audiences, numerous meetings, interviews....Hot Docs really set something in motion for the film, the same way Guadalajara had done it in March. We are now working on the US premiere of the film that will be amazing as we are planning to have the participants of the film with us this time. Unfortunately, Karin and Astrid could not travel to Toronto. Astrid will definitely be able to attend the US premiere and hopefully Karin should be too.


Hot Docs also stands out in the festival world because of its incredible team of programmers and volunteers. They make you at home from the moment you set a foot in Toronto until the moment you leave. Special mention to Angie, Kathleen, Will, who were simply incredible. 

We added 2 community screenings of the film for the Latino Community in a church with Voces Latinas Radio. This was also a great experience because of the warm welcome there too.

And finally, the great interview with KatieChats!