World premiere at FICG in Guadalajara

Having the right festival to launch a film is key. La Prenda had its world premiere at the famous and amazing FICG in Guadalajara in Mexico. And it was an incredible experience. The film screened 3 times in very different venues. The first one took place at the Hilton and was meant for professionals and for the press. The second one was scheduled at Cinepolis Centro Magno in a cinema setting. Watching the film on a giant screen was a blast! And the last screening took place at the University of Guadalajara. This scheduling allowed us to reach very different audiences. And it led to great conversations after the screenings. One of the questions people kept asking us, was about what we chose to show and not to show in the film as the subject matter is so brutal. Screening La Prenda in Mexico was also very important because people can relate to the issue of kidnappings. We are looking forward to showing it to audiences in Guatemala, the country where the film was shot. 

FICG is very well organized and draws key players in the film industry. The festival took good care of La Prenda and we are extremely grateful. The best moment of the week was the coffee we shared with students after the 3rd screening of La Prenda. It was pouring in Guadalajara and the roof of the small car was leaking. But it did not drive the students away. One of them had had a case of kidnapping in his family. Another young woman who saw the film, mentioned her father's murder and the lack of justice she felt. Thanks to these people, who shared their stories with us after watching the film, we left Guadalajara with the feeling that there was a need for a film like that. And this will be Kelly's and Micaela's legacy. 

We can't wait to do a screening with Karin, Astrid, and the other participants of the film. This will make the Q&A sessions even richer. And they are the ones who truly deserved to walk on the red carpet the festival rolled out for its guests. Because, without them there would not have been a film.